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About Us

Who We Are

At Walker Support Services we provide care for individuals with developmental disabilities in a residential home setting. We work with the State of Oregon to receive referrals for individuals to take in. We receive our revenue from the State of Oregon for the individuals we take in. We support and assist our individuals with their daily activities so they can be set up for success.

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Our Spiritual Mission

To be absolutely committed to helping our individuals/employees have the best life experience possible; thus, improving our local communities and our culture.

Mission Statement

To serve our individuals and employees in a way that provides enrichment for their lives

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Our Values

  1. Our business is about building Relationships.

  2. We Focus all our efforts on our company's mission and purpose.

  3. We succeed by Execution of our purpose and values.

  4. Our undertaking is to Compete every day to be the best.

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Our Beliefs

  1. Our MISSION first, TEAM second, and Individual last.

  2. Our most valuable asset is our employees.

  3. We will always say "Thank you".

  4. We will make money, enjoy our work, and have fun.

  5. We will strive to constantly improve and add value to our services. 

Our Team

Malinda Malone

Associate Director

Malinda Malone has worked in the I/DD field since 2004. Filling a variety of supervisory and management roles in multiple settings throughout the years, Malinda has profound insight and knowledge in collaborating necessary supports while also promoting independence for both adults and children who experience intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. 

Malinda is also certified as an Independent Behavior Professional through ODDS, writing Behavior Support Plans for adults and children throughout the state of Oregon. Malinda specializes in individuals with co-morbid diagnoses and experience intense behavioral challenges.

In her free time, Malinda enjoys fiction literature, volunteering, hiking, and traveling with friends and family.

Operation Manager

Bill Oslund

Bill Oslund comes to Walker Support Services with over 40 years of experience working with adults and children in the I/DD field. The majority of Bill’s employment experience comes from the state level, working in various settings including residential treatment facilities, the Oregon State Hospital, McClaren Youth Correctional Facility, and Child Protective Services. While Bill tried out retirement briefly in 2011, he found himself missing the purposeful work he did, providing supports to others, and came back to the field in 2015.

Bill enjoys spending his free time vacationing, purchasing luxury vehicles and spending time with his family.

RJ Walker

Financial Manager

RJ Walker has been around the caregiving industry most of his life. RJ grew up with his parents providing foster care services to children who experience intellectual and/or developmental disabilities in his family home. This has given him an exceptionally deep understanding of how necessary it is to provide solid supports to people in the I/DD community, and how meaningful those supports can be to the individuals served. While RJ graduated with a degree in Business from Oregon State University in 2019, he chose to apply this experience and education to the I/DD field.


In his free time, RJ likes to explore new locations, listen to podcasts, and watch sports.

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