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Our Values:

"Our business is about building  Relationships" 

Job Description:

Direct Support Professionals (DSP) provide direct care to the individuals that Walker Support Services serve. DSP’s follow each individual’s support plans to provide the most enriching life experience for them. DSP’s main goal is to build relationships with the individuals they serve so they can feel fully supported in their daily lives.

Direct Support Professional (DSP)


Our Values:

"We Focus all our efforts on our  company's mission and purpose" 

Job Description:

Lead Direct Support Professionals (Lead DSP) provide direct oversight to their assigned residential program by ensuring it is in full compliance with the OAR’s. Lead DSP’s also manage the DSP’s in their assigned residential program.

Lead Direct Support Professional 


Our Values:

"We succeed by Execution of our  purpose and values."

Job Description:

Program Supervisors maintain and supervise assigned programs in order to ensure compliance with the OAR’s and adhere to agency policies and procedures. Program Supervisors will delegate tasks to Lead DSP’s and DSP’s to guarantee success of their assigned residential programs.

Program Supervisor


Our Values:

"Our undertaking is to Compete  every day to be the best."

Job Description:

Operations Managers are detail-oriented and provide decisive managing skills for the multiple residential programs they oversee. Operation Managers are skilled at creating and implementing best practices company-wide to achieve overall success for the company. Operation Managers consult with Program Supervisors to ensure daily operations at the residential programs are being ran correctly.

Operations Manager

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