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24 Hour

Residential Services

For Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

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How Walker Support Services Can Assist You

Set Up For

Walker Support Services provides in-home care for individuals with developmental disabilities. It is our goal to support our individual’s daily activities to the best of our abilities so they can have the most enriching lives as possible.


Walker Support Services helps create individualized support plans that helps our individuals reach goals they aspire to achieve. Our company completes any maintenance throughout the year to adjust these plans so they are constantly evolving like the individuals we serve.

Residential Home

Walker Support Services provides in-home care at our residential programs. We believe it is important to fully integrate our individuals into their communities and that starts with the neighborhoods they live in.

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Our Mission

"To serve our individuals and employees in a way that provides enrichment for their lives."

Confident Business People

Interested in joining our team?

Walker Support Services is currently looking for the right people to expand our team in the Salem, Oregon area!

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